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Environmental Authorisations and WasteManagement

Waste Management

Metamorphosis Environmental Consultants has extensive experience in the waste industry, having been involved in landfills and waste disposal since 1993.

Ms King has a thorough understanding of the industry and the complicated legislation associated with its regulation and is well placed to compile waste management plans, waste inventories and recommendations required.

She has undertaken a course on waste classification in terms of SANS 10234 and works closely with several industry experts on an ongoing basis to ensure the current best practice is achieved amongst her clients.

She has compiled waste management plans in terms of the National Environmental Management: Waste Act 2008 (Act 59 of 2008) for several industries, generating sensible and practical suggestions for waste management, waste reduction, recycling and re-use. These plans improve sustainability performance of the industries involved.

Environmental Authorisations and Waste Management Licences

Vicki has been undertaking Environmental Impact Assessments since 1990 – long before there were any regulations requiring them to be carried out. She therefore started out undertaking EIAs for large multi national companies with entrenched environmental ethics – this proved to be a solid grounding for assisting companies to comply with the subsequent legislation.

She has undertaken, managed and reviewed hundreds of environmental impact processes in her 28 years of experience in the industry. This has included managing multi disciplinary teams of specialists to compile EIAs for large mining projects, hazardous landfill sites and major industries.

She continues to undertake and review projects from small basic assessments to larger EIAs for environmental and waste projects. She has an indepth knowledge of the legal and departmental requirements, as well as a wealth of experience in designing appropriate processes, managing teams and producing clear, concise and comprehensive reports. She is comfortable working closely with engineers, planners and other team members who sometimes may have a less sympathetic approach to environmental management.

She has a large network of specialists with whom she has worked extensively in the past, this ensures that the teams appointed as part of the projects are the most appropriate to undertake the tasks required.


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