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Auditing and Systems

Environmental Legal Registers

Environmental Law is an extremely complicated and ever changing field.

There are thousands of pieces of legislation, regulations and bylaws which pertain in some way to the environment. The legislation is updated regularly and it is extremely difficult for company directors, managers and environmental officers to stay abreast of the changes. It is, however, critical that they do so, as the penalties for contravention of environmental legislation can be significant (up to R10 million AND 10 years in prison) and ignorance of the law is not considered a valid excuse.

Many environmental management systems require the compilation of a legal register to assist with the assessment of compliance. These are often cumbersome, meaningless and outdated and are usually placed on a shelf and never consulted.

Metamorphosis will compile a register which is up to date and relevant to your business. The format has been revised over the years to ensure that the document is easy to use and will add value to your business.

An updating service is also available to ensure that the document never becomes outdated.

Management Systems

Metamorphosis Environmental Consultants has experience in the compilation, revision and review of Environmental Management Systems for various industries. These are tailor made to the requirements of the company – who may not wish to be burdened financially and administratively by implementing systems such as the ISO systems.

Ms King also has experience in assisting companies with various aspects of their ISO and NOSA systems, such as review, reporting, close out of incident reports, risk assessment and other technical requirements.


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