All documents which are for public review in terms of the National Environmental Management Act and other reports which may be of interest will be available for download here.

These will include all Basic Assessment Reports, Environmental Impact Assessment Reports, S24G Reports and all associated specialist Reports.

Kingsburgh Housing Development Final Draft BAR August 2023
Appendix A1 Minutes of Pre-app meeting
Appendix A1a Minutes of Meeting Kingsburgh Housing 310123 signed
Appendix A2 EAP Declaration
Appendix A3 EAP CV
Appendix A4 Attendance register 050422
Appendix A5 Final application form
Appendix A5 1 EAPASA EAP Certificate 2016-15 – V King
Appendix A5(1)
Appendix A5 (2) Proof of Payment
Appendix A5a Revised Application form August 2023
Appendix A6 EAP declaration
Appendix A7 EDTEA Receipt of application
Appendix B Photos
Appendix C Zoning Map
Appendix D1 Isolezwe advert
Appendix D1 South Coast Sun Advert
Appendix D2 Final Kingsburgh X9 BID
Appendix D3 Final Kingsburgh X9 poster
Appendix D3 Final Kingsburgh X9 zulu poster
Appendix D4 Email to I&APs
Appendix D5 Final Comments and Responses
Appendix D6 Notes of a Meeting held with Mr G Mullins of eThekwini ECPDP
Appendix E1 Cultural Heritage
Appendix E2 PIA Report
Appendix E3 Geotechnical assessment
Appendix E4 EP377-01_Eco-Pulse_Kingsburgh_Aquatic Assessment Report_V1.0 FINAL_20-07-2018
Appendix E5 Final_Reassessment of vegetation on Erven 2954, 2955 & 2957 Kingsburgh
Appendix E6 KingsburghExt9_Faunal assessment_Report_Aug2018
Appendix E7 NSA 1188 -1 – 2019 Kingsburgh Ext 9 Erf 2954
Appendix E7 NSA 1188 -1 – 2019 Kingsburgh Ext 9 Erf 2956
Appendix E8 Sewer Report 12 June 2023
Appendix E9 EP557-01_EcoPulse_Kingsburgh Extension_FCMP_V1 DRAFT_16-03-2021
Appendix E10 EP606-01_Kingsburgh Extension_Protected Plant Plan_V1_17-11-2021
Appendix E11 Eco-Pulse_Kingsburgh Extension 9_Forest Buffer Zones_V1_11-02-2021
Appendix E12 Guideline Document Management Of Stormwater Run Off During Construction
Appendix E13 Civil Design Report
Appendix E14 Plant removal Permit
Appendix E15 Specialist letters and declarations
Appendix E16 – Updated Vegetation Assessment August 2023
Appendix E17 Terms of Reference Specialist Reports
Appendix E18 Specialist Report Summaries
Appendix F Final EMPr August 2023
Appendix H 2954 5000 rev 3
Appendix H 2954 5001 rev 3
Appendix H 2956 5003 rev 3
Appendix H 11159-5900 REV B Stormwater Outlet 1B Details


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