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Strategic Environmental Assistance

Metamorphosis is able to assist companies with their challenges relating to environmental performance, whether this is advice on air quality monitoring, neighbour relations or water management systems for example. Ms King has a strong grasp on all aspects of integrated environmental management and this enables her to advise in all areas – comfortable in the knowledge that she can recommend the correct expert should the need arise.

Companies often find it useful to employ an independent individual with an objective and independent view to assess their performance, challenges and opportunities.

Ms King often engages the competent authorities if requested by a client, with a view to assisting companies to comply with legislation and bylaws which are often highly complex and technical.

Expert Advisory Services

Metamorphosis offers clients such as industry and government advisory services with regard to environmental performance, compliance and opportunities (specifically in terms of application of and implementation of the legislation – Vicki has a Masters degree in Environmental Law), sustainability and corporate governance.

Environmental performance is increasingly being judged in terms of sustainability, good corporate governance, social responsibility and optimising opportunities, rather than the traditional avoidance or management of environmental impacts.

Ms King assists companies to ‘see the bigger picture’ with regard to their approach to environmental management. She has close liaisons with environmental economists who assist in motivating sound environmental performance using financial models, which show the benefits of environmental improvement.

Ms King provides advice on permits, licences, compliance, performance and stakeholder engagement, as well as most aspects of integrated environmental management.


Vicki has facilitated many public, committee and technical meetings during her career. She has chaired several committees including landfill monitoring committees, interest groups and specialist teams. She has chaired many public and focus group meetings for projects (many contentious) and gained a wealth of experience working with other facilitators over the years.

Vicki is available to facilitate workshops and meetings where an independent individual is required. The appointment of an independent facilitator with sufficient technical knowledge to understand the issues often diffuses potentially inflammatory situations and enables the rest of the project team to focus on their areas of expertise.

Sustainability assessment and Reporting

Metamorphosis Environmental Consultants has significant expertise in sustainability assessment and reporting, whether this for internal consumption such as the Board or Shareholders or a wider stakeholder base.

Reporting can take any form which a company desires, although there are standards and guidelines available. Listed companies are required to report on their sustainability performance and certain companies have parent operations which require a certain style and content.

The King IV Report on Corporate Governance is referenced in terms of best practice for both governance and reporting, whilst the Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines (GRI) are also used when compiling reports.
MEC relies on visuals such as graphs, charts and images when reporting as this is the most effective way of presenting information at any level.

Expert Review

Document Review

Vicki has extensive experience of reviewing all forms of environmental reporting, including EIAs, EMPs, management systems, sustainability reports etc. She undertakes training on methodology and approach to report review as it is something which is often poorly executed. Her vast experience in writing and reviewing reports makes her objective, effective and efficient. Review are tailored to the purpose of the review and the project and client’s requirements. Her main clients include industry, government and consultants.

Performance Review

Vicki also has experience in reviewing the environmental, corporate governance and sustainability performance of organizations. Performance in these areas affects reputational and business risk, as proven good performance ensures a more robust reputation which can survive occasional mishaps. Once again her extensive experience enables her to provide practical solutions to challenges.


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